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Latest News

Neue FW für Multiviewer

December 5, 2017 New FW for V-Switch quad-XP available

New FW 4.11l for our multiviewer has been released:

• new FW contains two fixes in conjunction with output video signal rotation in quad mode and together with KVM matrix switches

Latest FW can be downloaded on main page. Please have a look at manual, chapter Firmware Update for general process guidlines.

Zertifikat Multiviewer

10.03.2017 Our multiviewer V-Switch quad XP passes maritime certification!

For our device V-Switch quad XP it was pure stress – it had to go through numerous hard tests in the areas of environment (heat, cold, vibration), safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Recently, this effort has been rewarded:
Our multiviewer V-Switch quad XP has successfully qualified for the certification according to the maritime standard IEC 60945 for KVM devices.

Especially in the maritime sector the highest attention is placed on robustness and security based on increased environmental conditions. More and more processes have to be monitored on ships around the clock. Extremely robust and durable KVM products provide compliance with all technical requirements and allow space-saving installation of control monitors or consoles in the command bridge of ships while the computers are protected in a server room.

Neue FW für Multiviewer

December 9, 2016 New FW for V-Switch quad-XP available

New FW 4.11i for our multiviewer has been released:

• display of channel names is activated by switching the active channel or mode (permanently or temporarily)
• active channel can be temporarily indicated by a border in Quad mode and in Win mode
• input video-resolution 1792×1280@60Hz is supported
• improved compatibility of touch screens for switching to full mode if a channel is touched in quad mode

Latest FW can be downloaded on main page. Please have a look at manual, chapter Firmware Update for general process guidlines.


July 18, 2016 Multiviewer with remote console

Our multiviewers V-Switch quad XP or V-Switch quad II can be complemented with our extenders V-Trans Compact to enable remote access and operation and features:

• comprehensive solution for remote operation
• suitable for either remote computers or remote console
• outstanding video performance without loss of quality
• USB-HID for remote operation of computers and multiviewer
range up to 140m by using CATx cable
range up to 10km by using singlemode OF
• balanced technical parameters ensure compatibility

NAB 2016

April 25, 2016 NAB Show 2016, Convention Center Las Vegas

NAB Show is one of the major broadcast trade shows in the world taking place at Las Vegas Convention Center.
Our business partner G&D North America Inc. exhibited at NAB Show from April 16th-21st, 2016. They demonstrated a wide range of latest innovatory KVM systems, products and technology. KVM experts were available on the stand to discuss your particular requirements.

We would like to thank all of our vistors who took the chance for live experience on comprehensive KVM portfolio including our multiviewers/KVM switch!

ISE 2016

February 29, 2016 Integrated Systems Europe ISE 2016

Thank you for visiting us at Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam 9-12 February 2016!
At ISE2016, recognized as the world’s largest AV and systems integration exhibition, we dedicated our booth to HETEC´s multiviewer solutions. It was a great success and many interesting discussions were held in terms of new applications and solutions. In a live demonstration, customers have convinced themselves of the rich feature set. We are proud that we have received many new orders shortly after the fair.

For project integration comprehensive solutions are in demand increasingly. These comprise KVM extenders like:
V-Trans-Compact – our approved KVM extender for dedicated CATx or optical fibre connections
V-IP III D – our “easy-to-use” remote KVM management solution for signal extending via TCP/IP network
The add-ons fit perfectly to the technical parameters of or multiviewers V-Switch quad XP and V-Switch quad II and enlarge the range of applications. Detailed technical information you will find at download area.

See you at next event!

Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty

August 4, 2015 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL)

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE / RL) is a broadcaster, whoich produces radio programs in 28 Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Central Asian languages. Step-by-Step not only the broadcasting technology, but also the equipment for the radio hosts in the regional broadcasting studios is modernized. Clear and comprehensive screen views, as well as straightforward operation processes are crucial. Our longstanding customer relies, among other things, on the proven quality of our multiviewer/KVM switch V-Switch quad XP.
Recently, the studios in Moscow and Yerevan have been up next; activities being coordinated from headquarters in Prague. To make the operation of multiviewer, e.g. switching between display formats (Full Screen, Quad-View, PiP mode or flexible WIN mode) and selecting computers, user-friendly, the customer uses pre-programmed keyboards. This allows the moderation team to fully concentrate on their duties! With one keystroke you can switch to a desired view whenever needed. The entries via keyboard and mouse are intuitively supported across computers by the feature “Cross Channel switching”. In the future, touchscreens will surely be used – our multiviewer is already prepared!

Validierung bei ROCHE

July 31, 2014 Workspace equipment “validation” at ROCHE

Our client Roche Diagnostics provides products and services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases to researchers, physicians, patients, hospitals and laboratories throughout the world.

The analysis systems that perform diagnostic tests run fully automatic. The results from the individual systems must ultimately be merged and approved. For this process step our multiviewer/KVM switch V-Switch quad XP is used as a solution element. The advantages of flexible forms of representation and control of diagnostic systems led to this decision.

We are pleased that we can support Roche to make validations easier, faster and safer through a clear and comparative presentation. The monitoring of the devices for a smooth process operation is also ensured.

Einsatz in Medien Branche

31.07.2014 Multiviewer V-Switch quad XP meets TV-media

Our client Tele Columbus Group is one of Germany’s leading cable network operator – services such as telephone, TV and Internet are included in the scope.
With the relocation of the Berlin corporate headquarters to new premises our multiviewer/KVM Switch was considered in the commissioning of technical equipment already.

Along with high-quality capture and playback HD/SD devices high-resolution screenshots of transmitter channels are created through HDMI interfaces. The Split display serves as a central function for clear summary of the transmitted image information.

Flughafen Laos

28.02.2014 International airport Laos

Our multiviewer V-Switch quad XP supports the aviation safety at the international airport of Vientiane, capital of Laos.
The operator of the airport, Civil Aviation Authority, has implemented his concept for computer outsourcing in the radar control center, following our recommendations in the planning phase.
In this project our KVM extenders are used to transmit live radar images and additional, parallel flight information from the equipment room into the supervisory control room in real time and without loss of image quality.

Our multiviewer/KVM switch that has been installed in this case along with the computers in the plant room, ensures a clear presentation of several views on the workstation screen. Via hotkeys the operators can switch between different views. By the way, KVM transmission routes could be saved, since the V-Switch quad XP in the equipment room summarizes the control signals already.

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